CN Consulting Inc

CN Consulting an independent computer consulting company formed in 1990.

CN Consulting Inc maintains a select client base providing consulting services concerning the use of information technology. We persistently look for advantage to our clients in added value and reduced cost made available by advancing technology.

CN Consulting Inc does not have financial interest in any given product or product line. We evaluate current and emerging technologies solely based on their benefit to our clients. CN Consulting Inc implements the solutions it recommends and readily partners with companies that offer products and services to the advantage of our clients. CN Consulting Inc offers complete client support with singular accountability.

We maximize the benefit of our clients’ existing technology, systems, and platforms while integrating the benefits provided by new technology.

Business Continuity and Business Development are our goals with Continuity being the foundation of Development.outlook

About Our Clients

CN Consulting Inc clients are stakeholders, owners, partners, and executives. Our clients are the people running businesses, those with the most to gain, and the most to protect.

CN Consulting Inc clients typically maintain a primary office with one or more servers and several to many attached workstations. They have home offices, travel with laptops, and work remotely. iPhones and iPads are part of their toolkit. The client company will have a web presence and branded email.

Overnight Assistant

I practice a version of the Overnight Assistant, attending to pressing needs in real-time through shared or private sessions while moving more time demanding issues to non-essential or “off ” hours. This gives clients the answers they need when they need them, while maximizing computer availability during office hours.

As stakeholders, owners, partners, and executives many of my clients don’t have “off” hours. Working nights and weekends is a way of life, their success is that important to them, and we work together because their success is that important to me.

Saving Money Using Consultants

To find the savings realized by using a Consultant, subtract your annual Cost of Ownership from the cost of a full time IT professional.

Clearly put, the Cost of Ownership is the post purchase cost of maintaining a PC. Microsoft studies show a $1,200 PC, kept for four years, costs $3,000 a year to maintain. Robert Half’s Salary Guide shows an IT Professional capable of managing networked computers earning between $63K and $93K.

With the cost of one full time IT professional at $83K, the Cost of Ownership of 10 PCs at $30K a year, the savings realized using a Consultant is $53K.


Account & Project Management, Network Design & Implementation – Network Operations – Backup & Off-Site Storage – Hardware & Software Acquisition – Desktop Support –Telecommuting – Remote Support – Smart Devices – Security – Anti-Virus – Cloud Software – Remote Office – Software as a Service (Saas) – Collaboration – Cloud Storage & Sharing – Client Portal – Domain Registration – Hosting – Website – Content Management Software – Web-Mail & Web-Calendar –  Premise Wiring & Wireless – Disaster Recovery – Data Recovery .

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